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Your Gramps and Nonna are legends and the reason you exist.  Gramps never cared about trimming body hair, or going KETO, because he was too damn busy storming beaches and hitting on grandma.  And your grandma raised 5 kids, taught Sunday school and got her college degree at night.  

Now that Grandma and Grandpa are older they need The Grandparent Hoodie to store all their essentials where they can easily access them.  God forbid they can't find the Bleu Cheese olives when it's time to mix the daily 12pm Martini! 

*unisex fit*



The Grandparent Hoodie

Recommended Uses:

House Keys, TV Remote, Pills, Wall Street Journal, Pipe, Glasses, Werther's Originals, Metamucil, TAB soda, Crochet supplies, Books

Color: Black
Color: Heather Grey
Color: Navy
The Grandparent Hoodie