The Dad Hoodie was created because I was excited about my role as a new dad! I saw many of my dad friends taking active roles in the lives of their children, yet almost all of the products geared towards young families revolve around mom & baby. I set out to empower new dads with a comfortable and functional product that replaces the need to carry around diaper bags, helping dad be great at his new most important job! Plus, it's more fun to get your buddy who just had a baby The Dad Hoodie than a mediocre bottle of Bourbon. Though the pockets are made for all kinds of bottles… wink wink.

When our customers began flooding our inbox and social media with requests for our ultra-soft hoodies for functions other than dad life, we listened. We aren’t ditching dads, but instead making The_Hoodie for everyone. Whether you're tired of hauling dog chew toys to the park or need a better way to sneak Milk Duds into the movies, The_Hoodie is for you! 

At the core of our brand is the mission to "carry kids, not bags", but that mission has now extended to help you, whether or not you have a toddler scampering through your house.  

Thanks so much for becoming a part of The_Hoodie and let me know if there is anything I can help you with (except changing diapers).


Baker & Hoppy's Dad (taylor)